The Village of Algonquin, IL

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Water & Sewer Utility Billing

The Village of Algonquin provides water and sewer services to its residents and businesses.  Utility billing services are performed by the Finance Department, while infrastructure is maintained by the Public Works Department.


Algonquin offers water and sewer customers Autopay (ACH) service,  which is our electronic payment service that makes it more convenient for you to pay your monthly water and sewer payments to the Village of Algonquin.

How does it work? Bank to Bank. Your monthly payment is electronically transferred from your financial institution to our bank and credited to your utility account at the Village of Algonquin on the bill due date.

There is no fee for this service. You'll continue to receive a utility bill for your records, but you won't have to respond. Auto Pay will do it for you.

Additionally, you may also make an online payment.


Water and sewer service is billed in arrears (billed on actual use in a prior billing period) on a monthly basis.  All active accounts are assessed an infrastructure fee regardless of metered consumption.


Inside Corporate


Outside Corporate


Water Only (per 1,000 gallons) $4.00  $8.00
Sanitary Sewer Only (per 1,000 gallons) $4.08  $8.16
Combined Water/Sanitary Sewer (per 1,000 gallons) $8.08  $16.16
Water Monthly Infrastructure Fee $5.00 $5.00
Water Monthly Autopay (ACH) Rebate $(0.50) $(0.50)
Sewer Monthly Infrastructure Fee $5.00 $5.00
Sewer Monthly Autopay (ACH) Rebate $(0.50) $(0.50)

In addition to the rates above, billing rates are tripled for usage over 20,000 gallons per month.


If you are experiencing high water consumption, check out these tips for verifying your water use.